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Chapter programs are diverse and presented to educate, enlighten, and sometimes entertain the members. Youth and adult education, women’s issues, national defense, patriotic education, and American history are among many categories the programs may highlight. Guest speakers range from local residents, with specialized topics, to state and national DAR officers and chairmen.

Chapter meetings offer a great way to showcase talent.

A chapter member and her husband, professional performers, in period dress.

Unless otherwise noted in the chapter calendar, meetings are held the second Thursday of each month, October through May. Our meetings are held in the Jacksonville area. Meetings begin promptly at 10:30 a.m. and lunch is served at noon.


March 11

March 27

Chapter Meeting

Battle of Thomas Creek

A National Color Guard event, the Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution commemorates the anniversary of the 1777 Battle of Thomas Creek, the southernmost battle of the American Revolutionary War.

Florida Daughters attend the annual Commemoration at Thomas Creek, colonial dress optional

April 8

May 13

May 30

June 6

June 14

June 28

July 4

Sept 19

Oct 14

Nov 13

Dec 9


Jan 13

Feb 10

Mar 10

Apr 14

May 12

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Memorial Day

77th Anniversary of D-Day

Flag Day, Army Birthday

102nd Anniversary of Treaty of Versailles

Independence Day

Sound of Music Chapter Dinner

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting (Saturday)

Chapter Meeting


Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

Chapter Meeting

A popular chapter event, this was a recent trip to see Grease.

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